Seasonal employment contracts in Spain 2020 - new jobs - Trip and work

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Seasonal employment contracts in Spain 2020 - new jobs


Within the framework of employment with a work contract in Spain in 2020, the Moroccan Ministry of Employment and Professional Integration announced that the Spanish agricultural sector needs about 17 thousand Moroccan workers to harvest strawberry fruits through seasonal work contracts in the Spanish region of Welpa, as part of bringing Moroccan workers to contribute to agricultural work in the year 2020.

A press release by the ministry stated that Spain promised, during its meeting with the Moroccan delegation in the Spanish city of Welpa, that the Moroccan authorities would obtain work contracts during January 2020 and that Moroccan workers would start working during March.

Spain's farms are accustomed to bringing workers from abroad every year, but many of these farms begin to employ workers, especially to contribute to the harvesting of crops. Participation in the campaign to harvest fruits in Spain this year is an opportunity for all qualified Moroccan female candidates to work on Spanish farms.

This recruitment process was developed according to a well-organized system where priority was given to women. The National Agency for the Promotion of Employment (APEC), the Moroccan public body that manages recruitment and mediation between Spanish businessmen and women, defends this "positive discrimination" that imposes the privilege of women with dependent children, especially if they are widowed or divorced.

Some women broke the seasonal work contract in Spain in previous years and went to other European countries, and other women tried to find work in Andalusian fields despite the expiration of the work permit period. This is the case of Amina, who used the strawberry season to stay in Spain. She knows that she will not be able to obtain a temporary visa again, but she hopes to continue working in the Spanish countryside, continuing her new life in Spain, obtaining residency papers and possibly obtaining Spanish citizenship at some point.

The “European dream”, once again, raises a debate about choosing a new life in conditions that are not the best in Europe or returning to the previous life, in Morocco.

The number of seasonal workers arriving in Spain annually is approximately 40,000 in the agricultural fields alone, and the seasonal work contracts last for 6 months in most cases. Most of the seasonal jobs in the agricultural sector in Spain are active during the fruit harvest season.

Spanish farmers prefer to attract workers from outside Spain, because they find that the cost of agricultural production is low due to the low wages of labor coming from Morocco, for example, compared to the wages demanded by Spanish workers. We can say that the wage for seasonal work in Spain is OK, given that the employers of farms provide free transportation to the workplace and often also provide housing.