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Monday, 16 November 2020

Organizations that help asylum via the Internet


Organizations that aid asylum are those organizations that governments give the powers to do all the necessary aid to refugees, and this is a kind of relief from governments' shoulders regarding refugee care, and there are many organizations that would organize and arrange the arrival of aid and monthly salaries to refugees, and in this matter, we will get to know some of these organizations And what it offers.

Organizations that aid asylum

There are many organizations that would provide legal or material aid to refugees, and these organizations differ from one country to another, some of them are human rights organizations, or affiliated with churches, or others that will be identified as follows:

Organizations that aid asylum in Canada

A country that attracts large numbers of refugees to it, and those who have more than one way to follow in order to obtain protection and residence inside Canadian territory.

1. The High Commissioner for Refugees

The High Commissioner for Refugees is one of the organizations most famous for refugees, and it provides many services to take care of refugees in many countries, through which it is possible to submit an application for asylum or apply for resettlement in the event that the refugee is unable to adapt in the country of asylum or faces it. What a problem.

2. Churches and community organizations

It is one of the organizations that guarantee asylum seekers that they are brought in through it, in what is known as church sponsorship, and it is one of the organizations that greatly helped the Canadian government in assisting refugees and relieved it of a lot of suffering and exorbitant costs, and these organizations organize ways to obtain monthly aid for refugees until Get a suitable job, through which he can support himself and his family.

Organizations that help asylum in Sweden

When the waiting period for the consideration of asylum applications through the Swedish Immigration Service lengthens, some organizations there provide a helping hand to those refugees who have suffered from the scourge of wars, persecution, and torture, and help them overcome their suffering, and among these organizations:

1. Amnesty International

Amnesty International, which is one of the most important organizations, provides the necessary assistance to refugees, especially those who do not wish to be in one of the countries from which they suffer more than they suffered in their countries of origin, and the organization collects all information about refugees and then discloses all violations of rights Human rights, the organization is concerned with the safety of refugees and protecting them from the dangers that they may face on the way to their asylum, and it helps them until they are resettled in safe countries, in accordance with the laws established by the United Nations in this regard.

2. Caritas Sweden

This charitable organization helps all vulnerable people and refugees to Sweden, and it is one of the institutions that provide aid and assistance that enables refugees to live a decent life until they get a suitable job in Sweden.

3. Legal aid office for asylum seekers

In Sweden, this office is responsible for providing all information and answering all the free consultations that asylum seekers receive, through which they can obtain asylum legally and quickly.

4. Council for Refugees Affairs

Known as FARR, it is one of the organizations that helps asylum and protect the rights of refugees, and provides them with a hand in their early stages in Sweden.

There are many organizations affiliated with each country, which provide assistance either through legal advice or material aid in the form of monthly salaries. All these methods reduce the burden of refugees and governments alike.