Immigration to Switzerland and its general conditions - Trip and work

Friday, 20 November 2020

Immigration to Switzerland and its general conditions


Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world, and it is located on the western side of Europe, on the borders with first-class countries such as Austria, Germany, France and Italy. Bern is the capital of Switzerland, and the per capita income of Switzerland is very high and one of the highest economic rankings in the country, with an income of around $ 39,000 per person. The cities of Geneva and Zurich are known as the Swiss economic hub. Switzerland has 26 states, mainly the political system in Switzerland as countries. The extremely low unemployment rate and high quality of life are among the factors that have made Switzerland one of the best options for immigrants seeking to emigrate, obtain residency, pursue education, business and investment. Switzerland does not accept immigrants easily, and the residency and citizenship process is a long one. Swiss citizenship is granted after 12 years if the person is qualified.

Immigration to Switzerland through work

Immigration to Switzerland through work is a topic that we will describe in this section of this article. The applicant must have a job offer or JOB OFFER to work in Switzerland. That is, Swiss agencies and companies needing a workforce must apply for the workforce in the country and announce to Swiss citizens that if the person is not located in Switzerland, they can employ people from the European Union or other countries indicating that the federal employment policy in Switzerland is more difficult to discuss than other European countries, such as Germany and Austria.

The unemployment rate in Switzerland has been around 2.7% in recent months, and in some regions Switzerland is facing a labor shortage. including:

Engineering and technology


Financial and banking services

Hotel and hosting

It should be noted that wages are high in Switzerland, and so are the cost of living in Switzerland. Salaries also vary greatly from region to region.

Immigration to Switzerland by studying

Studying in Switzerland is excellent because a person who studies in Switzerland gets permanent residency very quickly by obtaining employment after graduation. Anyone studying in Switzerland, an accompanying companion is entitled to work in Switzerland full time. So by studying in Switzerland, it is possible to bring a spouse and children and it will be much easier to access the Swiss labor market. But when a person studies in Switzerland, the person is treated as a Swiss citizen and after completing the study, when a person is offered a job, he can work as a Swiss, and this makes obtaining a residence permit very simple.

It is now possible to apply for residency through the Language College in Switzerland. But the good thing about these universities is that they have an accompanying visa. Also, the age in these universities does not matter, and the academic gap can reach seven or eight years and a person gets admission. MIE Consulting currently issues work, investment and study visas in Switzerland. If you wish, contact a MIE advisory firm for advice. Generally speaking, the cost of studying in Swiss public universities is very good, but tuition fees in private universities have very high fees. Students will be allowed to work 15 to 25 hours per week depending on their degree. It should be noted that the residency can be extended for up to 6 months after graduation, during which time it is possible to search for work related to a person's field of study. The table below shows the best universities in Switzerland.

Immigration to Switzerland through investment

Switzerland is one of the safest and best investment destinations in the world due to its very strong economy. Applicants can invest in Switzerland and apply through company registration, and the investor in particular must submit a business plan which must be approved in principle by the Immigration Board, after which they must be creative to help the country's economy. The investor must be committed to employing some entrepreneurial Swiss citizens. After one year of economic activity, the net profit must be more than 100,000 francs.

In order to register a company in Switzerland, about 20,000 francs are required. To register the company, one of the members of the department must be a Swiss citizen. After one year of registration, you can apply for the one-year Swiss residence card, called the B card. This can be converted into permanent residence after 5 years, which is a type C residence. After permanent residence, a person can apply for a Swiss passport after 3 years.

Immigration to Switzerland through marriage

Marrying a Swiss person and living with her for a period of three to five years leads to residency in Switzerland. It is usually beneficial for a person to live with a Swiss citizen for 6 years in Switzerland, live with a Swiss spouse to obtain a Swiss passport, and to become a citizen of Switzerland. It should be noted that if a person divorces his / her wife before three years of permanent residence, he must leave Switzerland after the expiry of his / her residence due to non-extension of the residence. Note that fake marriage is illegal in Switzerland. In order to register a marriage in Switzerland, it is necessary to provide evidence that both parties are not married and are single. The minimum age for marriage is 18 and both parties must prove that their marriage is based on love and not an excuse to remain in Switzerland. A marriage can be registered and registered with a church or municipality in Switzerland.