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Monday, 16 November 2020

Humanitarian asylum application to Qatar Learn about the conditions - advantages and assistance provided to refugees


The application for humanitarian asylum to Qatar is the only Gulf country that has put in place a law on humanitarian and political asylum, and Qatar has set some conditions that must be met by the applicant for asylum, and who, according to its investigation, has the right to live in Qatar away from any persecution he may have been subjected to in his country. The necessary aid for refugees to it as long as they fulfill the condition of being on Qatari territory.

The most important conditions for applying for humanitarian asylum to Qatar

Qatar does not differ much from European countries and the rest of the world in the conditions it has set for refugees, and here we will deal with those conditions in some detail.

* People fleeing their countries for fear of prosecution and persecution, and those seeking protection and security guaranteed by his presence in a country such as Qatar, but these do not include religious or atheist asylum seekers.

* Reporters, journalists, newspaper representatives and editors, who follow all the news and document with pens and cameras, crimes that are committed and which are crimes against humanity, and this would fall under the penalty of undemocratic laws in their country.

* Persons who belong to some different religious groups or sects, and who may be subjected to arrest simply for adopting a belief or doctrine they are convinced of, provided that they have not committed crimes against humanity.

* Educated writers and other free-minded people who report events and facts that take place in their countries through newspapers, magazines, visual media, or social networks. This causes them to be threatened with death or imprisonment and torture.

* If an officer defected from his country's army and fears imprisonment or arrest.

* If he is a politician or a political thinker who is against the ruling regimes in his country, this leads to him being pursued, persecuted and not feeling safe, either he or one of his family members, which forces them to flee and seek humanitarian or political asylum to Qatar.

What are the advantages of applying for humanitarian asylum to Qatar?

The State of Qatar offers refugees to it many benefits that would compensate them for the damages they suffered in their countries of origin, and the benefits granted to them include the following:

* A refugee and his family members who are in Qatar have the right to move freely inside and outside the country, but they are not allowed to spend a period of more than 6 months outside the State of Qatar, and of course it is necessary to inform the Refugee Affairs Committee of Qatar about the order to leave the country and the reasons for it.

* Providing assistance and monthly salaries to each of the refugee and his family members, throughout the period of inability to obtain work, and the minimum for this salary is 3000 Qatari riyals for the husband, 800 Qatari riyals for the wife, and 800 Qatari riyals for each of his children, provided that he is less than 18 years old .

* Providing free health care.

* Live and reside in a safe place free from conflicts and wars.

* Provide adequate housing for refugees and their families.

* Providing places for children of refugees in schools and universities.

* A refugee has the right to bring his family to Qatar, provided that the relationship of kinship is of the first degree, and the son is not more than 18 years old when he requested his recruitment.

The difference between resorting to Qatar and resorting to European countries

 Qatar is the only Arab country that has put in place an asylum law, and it has established a strong foundation for this law, although it differs from the asylum laws in European countries and major foreign countries, and this difference lies in not including atheists or homosexuals in the categories that have the right to asylum in Qatar, Of course, the reason for this is that it is an Islamic country that does not observe such rights.