Explanation of the new immigration law in Germany from A to Z - Trip and work

Friday, 20 November 2020

Explanation of the new immigration law in Germany from A to Z


Everyone wants to have the opportunity to travel to Germany to change the course of his life, and Germany is considered one of the best regions in the world that workers go to work in because Germany provides many advantages for workers who left Germany, the German government announced 7 items related to the immigration law New in Germany, Germany wants everyone who has experience and competence to join them.

New immigration law in Germany

* The new immigration law in Germany stresses the necessity of obtaining the necessary experience to work, just as Germany wants that only those who are qualified will join its labor market.

* This new law confirms the necessity of providing the required conditions and stresses the importance of work according to the qualification of the worker or whoever wants to work.

* The new law provides many possibilities for many workers to work in Germany.

Under the new immigration law in Germany, a visa is produced called the work search visa, which allows the traveler to stay in Germany for six months, and during this period the traveler searches for work.

* The new law requires that no social reinforcements or social support go out during the six months.

* Under the new law, travelers must learn English well.

* The new law requires that the traveler have what is available with his expenses for six months, and this is very necessary.

Social benefits in Germany

* It is necessary not to obtain social benefits for everyone who has international protection in a European country other than Germany, according to the new immigration law in Germany.

* No social benefits are provided if the traveler enjoys any of the social benefits from another country.

* The law affirms that they fulfill the conditions for providing social aid. This aid should be limited. * To help immigrants in Germany only.

* Access to job opportunities in the professional field is not affected by the quality of residency obtained by the immigrant.

* The new immigration law in Germany provides for the refugee immigrant student to reside in Germany and not be deported, and he can also obtain and join the courses and studies he needs.

* For those who come to Germany from Syria, Iraq, or Somalia through immigration and asylum to Germany to escape, this is called according to the new immigration law in Germany, the asylum seeker, and these students have many advantages during residence and social aid.

* To enjoy the advantages of the new immigration law in Germany for asylum seekers, this student must stay for nine months or more.

Advantages of residency in Germany

* According to the new law, the refugee student does not have the right to choose his or her residence in Germany, but the German authorities determine his place of residence, and the student must have passed three years to choose his place of residence.

* At present, the period specified for the refugee student is being discussed so that he has the freedom to choose his place of residence, but in any case, the law in all situations takes into account all the requirements of these students in terms of professional work or the location of the university.

* Germany is one of the most beautiful places that a student, worker, or highly qualified person can travel to, due to what Minya has to do, especially the new provisions that were introduced during the new immigration law in Germany that aim to improve immigration conditions in Germany, and in the past, the number of refugees and travelers was About 160,000 people have traveled to Germany, but according to the new law, the number of travelers to Germany is expected to exceed this number mentioned.