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Monday, 16 November 2020

After implementing the new immigration system - how do you increase your chances of obtaining a work visa in Britain?


The British government has announced a new immigration system that will be subject to all persons wishing to obtain a work visa in the United Kingdom. This system relies on points for applicants according to a set of criteria that must be met to obtain approval.

With the application of the British points system, immigration procedures will become similar to the Canadian or Australian system and perhaps more stringent than it, in order to achieve a goal that successive British governments have been hesitating, which is to reduce the number of immigrants from 340 thousand immigrants annually to one hundred thousand.

The British government justifies the adoption of its new system by its desire to bring in talent and expertise to the country, so the higher the educational level of the work visa applicant, the greater his chances of obtaining approval.

The new point system

The new immigration system is based on four basic criteria for granting a work visa, the first of which is obtaining a guarantee from a British company, and the second is for the visa applicant to have an offer of a work contract with an annual salary of more than 25.6 thousand pounds (about 34.5 thousand dollars).

The third criterion relates to English proficiency and the educational level, the higher the score the higher the score, and therefore the holder of a doctorate is more fortunate than the holder of a bachelor's or master's degree.

As for the fourth criterion, the applicant’s job must be on the list of jobs needed in the British market. So far, the Ministry of the Interior has not revealed the list of jobs that will be urgently needed after the withdrawal from the European Union.

Based on these criteria, points are calculated for the applicant, and he must obtain seventy points out of a hundred in order to obtain a work visa in the United Kingdom.

The start of the new system

The new immigration system will be activated in early 2021, and all those wishing to work in Britain will be subject to these standards. The system provides for the granting of a work visa for a period of two and a half years as a maximum, with the possibility of renewing it if the visa holder does not violate the immigration laws during that period.

Obtain an employment contract

The legal advisor for immigration affairs in Britain, Nadia Al-Bazzaz, says in her interview with Al-Jazeera Net, that the new system completely changed how to obtain a work contract in the United Kingdom.

In the past, the law required any company in Britain that wanted to employ someone to publish an advertisement in two newspapers, and if no person from inside Britain applied for a period of 28 days, then the Ministry of the Interior granted the company the right to bring in a person from outside the country and give him a guarantee.

As for the new system, it abolished the requirement to advertise in newspapers, and companies could now recruit whoever they deem appropriate from abroad. The system has also canceled the ceiling on the number of guarantees that each company can grant, so that it will be able to bring in the number it wants, provided that there is financial capacity to do so, and that these persons fulfill the legal requirements.

Get higher points

Nadia adds that the new point system is flexible, which means that if anyone fails to find a job with the aforementioned annual salary, and gets another with a lower salary, he can compensate by obtaining a certificate showing his mastery of English, or obtaining a doctorate, and this will compensate for his weakness. In salary.

This clarifies that the visa applicant has to work on the principle of compensation, that is, to know his weaknesses and strengths to achieve balance and reach the total points required (seventy points).

Nadia advises to focus on the professions that are in demand in the British market and that the government will announce in the coming months, because finding work in these jobs raises the applicant’s points significantly.

Study visa

The new points system will be applied even to study visas for those wishing to enroll in British universities, and the student will have to obtain accreditation from the university, then pass through the ladder of criteria, to obtain an excellent English proficiency certificate, and financial guarantees to cover study expenses.

Business visa

The name of the investment visa has been changed to the innovation visa, and the legal expert, Nadia, confirms that obtaining it is a bit complicated, as the law requires those wishing to invest to provide an amount of two hundred thousand dollars to be placed in an account with a British bank.

But the complication lies in the requirement to obtain approvals from 25 British companies that confirm that the project submitted by the applicant is beneficial to the country's economy.