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Friday, 20 November 2020

A strict immigration system after Brexit - these are the characteristics of the immigrants Britain wants

November 20, 2020
A strict immigration system after Brexit - these are the characteristics of the immigrants Britain wants


"People before the passport" is how British Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the new immigration system, which will enter into force after the withdrawal from the European Union, meaning that Europeans will not have any preferential advantage compared to the rest of the immigrants, and Johnson believes that the new immigration system "will be more Fair "in dealing with all immigrants according to the same standards.

Perhaps the British Prime Minister did not talk about the other side of the issue, which says that the new system will be in favor of the "competencies" that the country needs in certain sectors such as the health sector or financial services. As for immigrants of medium competencies, many obstacles are placed before them, and in the best case they will be granted They have a one-year renewable residency visa.

The main goal, which the successive British governments have not hidden since the era of British Prime Minister David Cameron, is to reduce the number of immigrants, and by returning to the figures of the National Statistics Agency in Britain, it will be shown how the influx of immigrants to the country reached its extent in 2015 when the ceiling of immigrants exceeded 350 thousand, before it reached It's back in a gradual decline since 2016, the year the British voted to leave the European Union.

Indeed, since that year, the number of immigrants has been declining, to fall under the ceiling of 300 thousand immigrants during the past year, and the main goal remains to reach 100,000 immigrants annually, and the British government is seeking the Australian system to achieve this goal.

Reducing immigrants

The Advisory Committee on Immigration and the Sponsored issued its final report on the features of the new immigration system in Britain, and its impact on the economy in the country and the flow of immigrants to it, and the committee asserts that the new system will lead to a significant decrease in the number of immigrants coming to the country, achieving the goal of Boris Johnson.

The committee says that this system has many positive aspects that contribute to increasing the revenues of the state treasury, given the fees that will be paid by all who wish to obtain a work visa in Britain, and reduce the pressure on public services from schools, hospitals and municipal councils.

On the other hand, the committee’s report, consisting of more than 276 pages, expects that this new system will have a negative impact on the British economy and the country's demographic growth in the long run. The report says that one of the conditions for maintaining economic development is the availability of an important human mass, the majority of which are young. If the number of immigrants is reduced by a large number, this will lead to a decline in demographic growth.

With the exception of the Conservative Party’s goal of fulfilling its pledge to control the flow of migrants, in the strategic term the new immigration system will not have a positive impact on the country.

The Immigration Strategic Committee estimates that the new system will lead to a slight increase in per capita gross domestic product and general productivity in the country, as well as "slight" growth in the public finances of the United Kingdom, and reduce pressure on the health system and social assistance in the country.

The great negative impact, according to the opinion of this committee, remains "the significant decline in the activity of small enterprises and shops, which is the activity in which immigrants work intensively, and it will decline if Britain brings in only highly qualified people."

The conclusions of the committee, which the British government will have to consider, show that many inaccuracies have been propagated regarding immigration in Britain, as it has turned into a peg for many of the crises that the country is experiencing, especially on the economic level.

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How to obtain an employment contract in Sweden

November 20, 2020
How to obtain an employment contract in Sweden


Obtaining a work contract in Sweden is the most important step towards immigration to Sweden, and this contract is what opens up prospects for you in that kingdom. Many young people resort to obtaining a work contract in one of the developed countries, through which they can emigrate and live in another country, it may be a bit difficult, but ambition remains the decisive factor in these matters, and it is what makes you persevere and strive to reach your goal.

How to obtain an employment contract in Sweden

There is more than one way through which you can obtain a work contract from this way:

* Communicating with business owners through either the Internet or recruitment offices abroad. These days, electronic employment websites are spread, which allow you to get acquainted with all the required work in Sweden, and if you have the necessary skill for a profession, you can communicate with the employer through The company's website is available on the Internet.

* Recruitment offices also can provide suitable job opportunities for those wishing to travel to Sweden to work, and that is for a fee that may be somewhat large, so this method does not suit everyone because it is difficult to provide the wages of the employment office.

* If you have a relative or friend who can help you to find work in Sweden, this will be a very special love for you and it will only cost you the work permit fee, which is estimated at 2000 Swedish corona.

What are the steps for searching for Swedish job sites?

* Log in to one of the sites appropriate for your qualifications in Sweden.

* Searching for sites that are interested in your type of job and your qualifications, that is, filtering the jobs that you receive in your e-mail so that you can know what suits you faster.

* Upload your CV that summarizes your skills, experiences, and personal information.

* Writing an attached letter with the submission of your application for the job, explaining what were the reasons that prompted you to request that job, with briefly explaining your skills and experiences that qualify you to obtain it, and as we explained earlier, shortness and clarity are better when writing the letter.

* If you happen to find your goal from those jobs, and you communicate with the employer, and he is convinced of you as an employee with him in Sweden, then you are now eligible for the goal of obtaining a work contract in Sweden.

* The next step is from the employer himself, as he works to obtain a work permit for you as a foreign worker coming to Sweden.

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Immigration to Switzerland and its general conditions

November 20, 2020
Immigration to Switzerland and its general conditions


Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world, and it is located on the western side of Europe, on the borders with first-class countries such as Austria, Germany, France and Italy. Bern is the capital of Switzerland, and the per capita income of Switzerland is very high and one of the highest economic rankings in the country, with an income of around $ 39,000 per person. The cities of Geneva and Zurich are known as the Swiss economic hub. Switzerland has 26 states, mainly the political system in Switzerland as countries. The extremely low unemployment rate and high quality of life are among the factors that have made Switzerland one of the best options for immigrants seeking to emigrate, obtain residency, pursue education, business and investment. Switzerland does not accept immigrants easily, and the residency and citizenship process is a long one. Swiss citizenship is granted after 12 years if the person is qualified.

Immigration to Switzerland through work

Immigration to Switzerland through work is a topic that we will describe in this section of this article. The applicant must have a job offer or JOB OFFER to work in Switzerland. That is, Swiss agencies and companies needing a workforce must apply for the workforce in the country and announce to Swiss citizens that if the person is not located in Switzerland, they can employ people from the European Union or other countries indicating that the federal employment policy in Switzerland is more difficult to discuss than other European countries, such as Germany and Austria.

The unemployment rate in Switzerland has been around 2.7% in recent months, and in some regions Switzerland is facing a labor shortage. including:

Engineering and technology


Financial and banking services

Hotel and hosting

It should be noted that wages are high in Switzerland, and so are the cost of living in Switzerland. Salaries also vary greatly from region to region.

Immigration to Switzerland by studying

Studying in Switzerland is excellent because a person who studies in Switzerland gets permanent residency very quickly by obtaining employment after graduation. Anyone studying in Switzerland, an accompanying companion is entitled to work in Switzerland full time. So by studying in Switzerland, it is possible to bring a spouse and children and it will be much easier to access the Swiss labor market. But when a person studies in Switzerland, the person is treated as a Swiss citizen and after completing the study, when a person is offered a job, he can work as a Swiss, and this makes obtaining a residence permit very simple.

It is now possible to apply for residency through the Language College in Switzerland. But the good thing about these universities is that they have an accompanying visa. Also, the age in these universities does not matter, and the academic gap can reach seven or eight years and a person gets admission. MIE Consulting currently issues work, investment and study visas in Switzerland. If you wish, contact a MIE advisory firm for advice. Generally speaking, the cost of studying in Swiss public universities is very good, but tuition fees in private universities have very high fees. Students will be allowed to work 15 to 25 hours per week depending on their degree. It should be noted that the residency can be extended for up to 6 months after graduation, during which time it is possible to search for work related to a person's field of study. The table below shows the best universities in Switzerland.

Immigration to Switzerland through investment

Switzerland is one of the safest and best investment destinations in the world due to its very strong economy. Applicants can invest in Switzerland and apply through company registration, and the investor in particular must submit a business plan which must be approved in principle by the Immigration Board, after which they must be creative to help the country's economy. The investor must be committed to employing some entrepreneurial Swiss citizens. After one year of economic activity, the net profit must be more than 100,000 francs.

In order to register a company in Switzerland, about 20,000 francs are required. To register the company, one of the members of the department must be a Swiss citizen. After one year of registration, you can apply for the one-year Swiss residence card, called the B card. This can be converted into permanent residence after 5 years, which is a type C residence. After permanent residence, a person can apply for a Swiss passport after 3 years.

Immigration to Switzerland through marriage

Marrying a Swiss person and living with her for a period of three to five years leads to residency in Switzerland. It is usually beneficial for a person to live with a Swiss citizen for 6 years in Switzerland, live with a Swiss spouse to obtain a Swiss passport, and to become a citizen of Switzerland. It should be noted that if a person divorces his / her wife before three years of permanent residence, he must leave Switzerland after the expiry of his / her residence due to non-extension of the residence. Note that fake marriage is illegal in Switzerland. In order to register a marriage in Switzerland, it is necessary to provide evidence that both parties are not married and are single. The minimum age for marriage is 18 and both parties must prove that their marriage is based on love and not an excuse to remain in Switzerland. A marriage can be registered and registered with a church or municipality in Switzerland.

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You want to immigrate to New Zealand - Here is the list of most wanted occupations

November 20, 2020
You want to immigrate to New Zealand - Here is the list of most wanted occupations

 At a time when many young people in the Arab world are looking for opportunities to travel and emigrate, the major countries offer immigration programs dedicated to attracting professional and exceptional expertise and skills and compete in overcoming obstacles to skilled labor, in an attempt to attract them and integrate into their societies.

Among those countries, New Zealand is considered a compass for immigrants because it provides a suitable standard of living for all jobs, availability of work opportunities, easy immigration procedures, and obtaining citizenship, in addition to what is known about its people of coexistence and acceptance of others.

Lists of the required employment

The Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment display 3 lists that record the skills shortage in the New Zealand labor market:

List of long-term skills shortages

List of regional skills shortages

List of skills shortages in construction, infrastructure, and constructions.

These lists include skilled occupations and trades that are difficult for New Zealand employers to find employment for in the country. The government provides a site for job search and clarification of the urgent need for that job and allocates a special section in it for the shortage of structural engineering and construction jobs.

Check the applicant's acceptance

New Zealand, like other countries, adopts a points system to ensure an applicant's suitability for admission to the immigration program and needs 100 points for admission to the lottery programs and 160 for direct admission.

The electronic points index provides an opportunity for initial experience free of charge for applicants, as the main indicator for measuring the skill level from 1-10 depends on verifying graduation and experience certificates through the New Zealand Australian government website ANZSCO to assess applicants ’skills level.

The assessment of international qualifications "IQA" is an advanced indicator for evaluating higher education qualifications or professional qualifications, for certificates granted outside New Zealand, and the process of verifying your qualification from outside New Zealand requires 25 working days, in order to analyze the certificates of academic qualification and compare them. With its New Zealand counterparts, NZQF.

The evaluation costs a minimum of NZ $ 445 ($ 293), and the cost increases according to the type of qualification and year of graduation.

Required occupations

The engineering and construction professions are at the top of the list, followed by the medical professions of doctors and nursing in the majority of disciplines.

The New Zealand immigration program allocates a large portion of jobs in the agricultural and dairy sector, and educational jobs appear on the list, as well as accounting, finance, tourism, and reception areas.

Some required jobs are exempt from evaluation, such as train drivers, beauty salon workers, open water diving instructors, nurses aides, and teachers, and some immigration consulting firms provide a free electronic form that roughly shows the number of possible points to avoid paying sums without checking the possibility of passing the required points.

The New Zealand government also provides a list of professions that require union registration and provides direct means of communication with trade unions and institutions concerned with professional registration.

Despite the diversity of professions offered by New Zealand immigration, it still urges all other professionals who did not find what suits them among all these lists to register their desire to travel to New Zealand to study any other possible possibilities in the future.

New Zealand is characterized by the beauty of nature and cultural and ethnic diversity, and immigration played an important role in achieving this, as immigrants helped shape modern New Zealand.

In a survey by a New Zealand initiative, it indicated that 87% of immigrants who have not yet acquired a nationality feel that they belong to the place, and this percentage confirms the extent of the immigrants' adaptation and adaptation to New Zealand society.

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Explanation of the new immigration law in Germany from A to Z

November 20, 2020
Explanation of the new immigration law in Germany from A to Z


Everyone wants to have the opportunity to travel to Germany to change the course of his life, and Germany is considered one of the best regions in the world that workers go to work in because Germany provides many advantages for workers who left Germany, the German government announced 7 items related to the immigration law New in Germany, Germany wants everyone who has experience and competence to join them.

New immigration law in Germany

* The new immigration law in Germany stresses the necessity of obtaining the necessary experience to work, just as Germany wants that only those who are qualified will join its labor market.

* This new law confirms the necessity of providing the required conditions and stresses the importance of work according to the qualification of the worker or whoever wants to work.

* The new law provides many possibilities for many workers to work in Germany.

Under the new immigration law in Germany, a visa is produced called the work search visa, which allows the traveler to stay in Germany for six months, and during this period the traveler searches for work.

* The new law requires that no social reinforcements or social support go out during the six months.

* Under the new law, travelers must learn English well.

* The new law requires that the traveler have what is available with his expenses for six months, and this is very necessary.

Social benefits in Germany

* It is necessary not to obtain social benefits for everyone who has international protection in a European country other than Germany, according to the new immigration law in Germany.

* No social benefits are provided if the traveler enjoys any of the social benefits from another country.

* The law affirms that they fulfill the conditions for providing social aid. This aid should be limited. * To help immigrants in Germany only.

* Access to job opportunities in the professional field is not affected by the quality of residency obtained by the immigrant.

* The new immigration law in Germany provides for the refugee immigrant student to reside in Germany and not be deported, and he can also obtain and join the courses and studies he needs.

* For those who come to Germany from Syria, Iraq, or Somalia through immigration and asylum to Germany to escape, this is called according to the new immigration law in Germany, the asylum seeker, and these students have many advantages during residence and social aid.

* To enjoy the advantages of the new immigration law in Germany for asylum seekers, this student must stay for nine months or more.

Advantages of residency in Germany

* According to the new law, the refugee student does not have the right to choose his or her residence in Germany, but the German authorities determine his place of residence, and the student must have passed three years to choose his place of residence.

* At present, the period specified for the refugee student is being discussed so that he has the freedom to choose his place of residence, but in any case, the law in all situations takes into account all the requirements of these students in terms of professional work or the location of the university.

* Germany is one of the most beautiful places that a student, worker, or highly qualified person can travel to, due to what Minya has to do, especially the new provisions that were introduced during the new immigration law in Germany that aim to improve immigration conditions in Germany, and in the past, the number of refugees and travelers was About 160,000 people have traveled to Germany, but according to the new law, the number of travelers to Germany is expected to exceed this number mentioned.

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Monday, 16 November 2020

After implementing the new immigration system - how do you increase your chances of obtaining a work visa in Britain?

November 16, 2020
After implementing the new immigration system - how do you increase your chances of obtaining a work visa in Britain?


The British government has announced a new immigration system that will be subject to all persons wishing to obtain a work visa in the United Kingdom. This system relies on points for applicants according to a set of criteria that must be met to obtain approval.

With the application of the British points system, immigration procedures will become similar to the Canadian or Australian system and perhaps more stringent than it, in order to achieve a goal that successive British governments have been hesitating, which is to reduce the number of immigrants from 340 thousand immigrants annually to one hundred thousand.

The British government justifies the adoption of its new system by its desire to bring in talent and expertise to the country, so the higher the educational level of the work visa applicant, the greater his chances of obtaining approval.

The new point system

The new immigration system is based on four basic criteria for granting a work visa, the first of which is obtaining a guarantee from a British company, and the second is for the visa applicant to have an offer of a work contract with an annual salary of more than 25.6 thousand pounds (about 34.5 thousand dollars).

The third criterion relates to English proficiency and the educational level, the higher the score the higher the score, and therefore the holder of a doctorate is more fortunate than the holder of a bachelor's or master's degree.

As for the fourth criterion, the applicant’s job must be on the list of jobs needed in the British market. So far, the Ministry of the Interior has not revealed the list of jobs that will be urgently needed after the withdrawal from the European Union.

Based on these criteria, points are calculated for the applicant, and he must obtain seventy points out of a hundred in order to obtain a work visa in the United Kingdom.

The start of the new system

The new immigration system will be activated in early 2021, and all those wishing to work in Britain will be subject to these standards. The system provides for the granting of a work visa for a period of two and a half years as a maximum, with the possibility of renewing it if the visa holder does not violate the immigration laws during that period.

Obtain an employment contract

The legal advisor for immigration affairs in Britain, Nadia Al-Bazzaz, says in her interview with Al-Jazeera Net, that the new system completely changed how to obtain a work contract in the United Kingdom.

In the past, the law required any company in Britain that wanted to employ someone to publish an advertisement in two newspapers, and if no person from inside Britain applied for a period of 28 days, then the Ministry of the Interior granted the company the right to bring in a person from outside the country and give him a guarantee.

As for the new system, it abolished the requirement to advertise in newspapers, and companies could now recruit whoever they deem appropriate from abroad. The system has also canceled the ceiling on the number of guarantees that each company can grant, so that it will be able to bring in the number it wants, provided that there is financial capacity to do so, and that these persons fulfill the legal requirements.

Get higher points

Nadia adds that the new point system is flexible, which means that if anyone fails to find a job with the aforementioned annual salary, and gets another with a lower salary, he can compensate by obtaining a certificate showing his mastery of English, or obtaining a doctorate, and this will compensate for his weakness. In salary.

This clarifies that the visa applicant has to work on the principle of compensation, that is, to know his weaknesses and strengths to achieve balance and reach the total points required (seventy points).

Nadia advises to focus on the professions that are in demand in the British market and that the government will announce in the coming months, because finding work in these jobs raises the applicant’s points significantly.

Study visa

The new points system will be applied even to study visas for those wishing to enroll in British universities, and the student will have to obtain accreditation from the university, then pass through the ladder of criteria, to obtain an excellent English proficiency certificate, and financial guarantees to cover study expenses.

Business visa

The name of the investment visa has been changed to the innovation visa, and the legal expert, Nadia, confirms that obtaining it is a bit complicated, as the law requires those wishing to invest to provide an amount of two hundred thousand dollars to be placed in an account with a British bank.

But the complication lies in the requirement to obtain approvals from 25 British companies that confirm that the project submitted by the applicant is beneficial to the country's economy.

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Would you like to immigrate to Britain?

November 16, 2020
Would you like to immigrate to Britain?


6 questions and answers about the new procedures for obtaining a visa

British Home Secretary Priti Patel unveiled the final details of the new immigration system that the country will adopt at the beginning of next year, that is, immediately after the end of the transition phase to exit from the European Union.

In a 130-page document, the British Home Office announced all the procedures that those wishing to enter its territory for the purpose of work or study must follow.

Britain has moved to work with the point system, and European Union citizens will not have any preferential advantage over the rest of immigrants if they wish to work in the country.

The new system aims to reduce the number of immigrants significantly, and to withdraw it to less than 100 thousand per year, noting that the total number of immigrants to the United Kingdom amounts to 300 thousand migrants annually.

What is the new British rating system?

The new system relies on awarding points for each immigration application, and in order to obtain approval, the candidate must score 70 points, divided by the extent of proficiency in the English language, and a work contract from a British institution, provided that the job is in a field that requires specific skills, especially in the field Technical, electronic, scientific research and health.

In the event that three conditions are met, a certificate proving language proficiency, a work contract with an annual salary of 25,600 pounds sterling, and a guarantee of a job classified as requiring "high competence", then the immigration applicant gets 50 points out of 70.

While the remaining 20 points can be collected through the availability of the immigration student, who has a Ph.D. in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, or if the work contract is in a job that suffers a severe shortage in the British labor market, and the British government will publish a list of these jobs.

The British government also granted the right to people who work in the fields of health and education to get 20 points, even if their salary is less than 25 thousand and 600 pounds sterling, provided that their salary is not less than 20 thousand and 480 pounds sterling.

How can the chances of approval of the immigration application be increased?

The new system is not in the interest of the so-called "low-efficiency jobs", that is, workers in the shops and farms, handicrafts, and craftsmen. On the other hand, those who are able to obtain a work contract with an annual salary of more than 30 thousand pounds sterling will increase their rating.

There is a list of preferred professions whose owners will not have problems obtaining a work visa, and all of them are highly qualified professions, such as people who have a doctorate in the technological, scientific, and technical fields, in addition to workers in the field of medicine.

What is new about work visas?

One of the most important changes that took place in the British immigration system regarding work visas was that it withdrew the requirement to establish a certain number of contracts that any institution could provide to bring in labor from abroad, and in the new system, any company could issue the number of work contracts it wanted and bring workers from abroad. Provided that it guarantees them an annual salary of more than 25,000 pounds sterling and that the job is classified as being among the professions that require competence.

What about visa costs?

Qualified work visa applicants will have to pay £ 1,220 to obtain a three-year work visa, in addition to paying health services expenses of £ 624 annually, and the employer will also have to pay other expenses of £ 1,000 per year.

What about a very high caliber visa?

The new immigration system launched a visa that releases a very high-caliber visa, and this concerns a specific category of people who have higher degrees in the field of scientific, technical or medical research and work in innovation and invention laboratories and have long years of experience, and these can obtain this visa even without having the Employment contract, and it is sufficient to obtain a recommendation from a research institution recognized in Britain.

How can the rest of the family join Britain?

There will be no special procedures for family members wishing to join an immigrant in Britain who has a work visa, as those wishing to join are not required to have a job or even familiarity with the English language, and the wife can join her husband, and vice versa, in addition to children under the age of 18 years

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